Martians integrate stoves to redefine the Chinese kitchen. In the 408-square-meter space, the circular movement of the two regions around the brand concept area Chinese service model, from the scene to the product to the core technology, the experience unfolds layer by layer. Modular construction of integrated stove technology, intelligent atmosphere, to meet the needs of different stores to extend and sample, open kitchen storage system, integrated kitchen and kitchen modularization, build Chinese open kitchen, create a more comfortable and clean cooking environment, module The kitchen can be freely combined to design, rich and powerful meal preparation functions, not limited to the traditional closed kitchen space. The three themes of smoke-free frying, nutritional steaming, and happy washing run through the entire range of products. A variety of Chinese cooking habits meet the experience of Chinese cooking experts; core technology experiences such as oil fume nutrition and healthy water system, and focus on kitchen health. The China Service Model Experience Zone includes kitchen planning and design, old kitchen renovation and upgrading, and cleaning services above. Ensure every step of the service from design to installation to after-sales.