POWER SPACE拎包入住相信,如果每一個家,都是用心與“溫情”的作品,那消費者的生活,會更加舒適、幸福。

Over the years, the POWER SPACE brand's warm and harmonious emotional brand DNA has always understood and cared about the needs of consumers' lives. The iconic “warm custom” is customized for the happiness of people and life. The iconic “101 warmth details” is not deliberate. Pursuing a certain style, we are pursuing universal aesthetics and eternal care. We are more concerned about the care of special populations such as mothers and children, children, and the elderly, and injecting every custom product into the details of small life.

The wave point has a neutral and soft characteristic. It is an abstract expression of 101 warm details. The fa?ade forms a large window, and the 20m long 101 central square runs through the entire store and collects all public functions (home experience, woodworking method interaction, Design work, material samples, children's entertainment, etc.; St. 101 custom scene space, divided into large-sized plate (3 family, 5 family) and small-sized plate (new marriage home, single apartment, etc.), restore home Real-life scenarios, deep experience 101 warmth customization, intensive and versatile, detailed details.

We believe that if every home is a work of heart and "warmness," the consumer's life will be more comfortable and happy.