Feeling the beauty of home


Centering on the core concept of "full bathroom customization" of emperor sanitary wares, the overall layout presented by the brand-new flagship store of emperor sanitary wares realizes the optimized display of the two core advantage function modules of C cube and color, and constructs a layout mode that can take into account the brand concept and product display and sales with the intensive display of intelligent toilet, high-end customization area, hardware accessories and various single categories 。

From layout to visual atmosphere, the c-cube area realizes the visual expression of "full bathroom customization" for the emperor's sanitary wares, in which consumers can find a one-stop "strategy" of full bathroom customization for modern bathroom space from basic decoration, layout planning, storage of ideas to visual style.

The upgraded terminal visual image, from the "picture frame" of the external facade and the design modeling of the scene window, the black and gray color tone, to the customized and open wall pattern for the C cube in the internal space, as well as the visual atmosphere of the color area, has created brand differentiation, personalized visual elements and a more aesthetic visual tone in line with the times for the newly upgraded terminal store of emperor sanitary wares.