The 64㎡ XGIMI Projector Experience Hall is located in the atrium of No. 2 Hall in Nanfusenmei, Chengdu. The specific environment puts forward specific requirements for this project: how to integrate the spatial attributes of smart products in a home-based shopping mall environment? How to maintain the overall transparency of the space and achieve a closed light environment?

A more immersive viewing experience, the protection of eyesight by diffuse reflection imaging, a more stylish and modern home aesthetic, and diverse and changeable viewing scenes... all are what we need to reflect in this design.How to meet the special requirements of projection products for light effect management without affecting the visual transparency of other brands after landing has become a breakthrough point in this design.

The Vansworth villa gave us inspiration-the square box + transparent facade treatment allowed us to build a villa with a strong sense of architecture in the Fusenmei Atrium. It also allows XGIMI's sense of technology and Fusenmei's sense of home to be better integrated.