As one of the first "head players" to transform from the cabinet field to the whole house, ZBOM has developed a whole house customization based on its 21-year intensive practice in the field of customization. In addition to its fist product kitchen cabinet series, the whole house custom series and wooden door new products are simultaneously unveiled, opening the strength of the whole house era.

In the newly-built custom-made pavilion where ZBOM was newly unveiled, we used "design" and "change" to force "Zhibang" to "customize" the idea and inspiration of family and lifestyle to this new terminal and build Zhibang. Life aesthetics and attitude towards life.

We will pass ZBOM's "customized" commitment to the beautiful home life that ZBOM wants to pass to the Zhibin's own terminal space. The ubiquitous brand visual symbols and the ingenuity of the ever-changing magic space are all vividly interpreted by consumers – the design and individuality of the whole house era.