color imagination continues

從2019年的帝標[紅]店、帝標家居體驗館開始,關于帝標的色彩與靈感暢想,在不同的空間與人物間延續。這一次,我們將新的故事在D&B HOME帝標員工之家中繼續講述。
D&B HOME從無到有的過程,看似一個空間的誕生,但其實也是帝標品牌感知的變化 —— 一個辦公空間讓一個品牌從“制造性”屬性變身為具有更多“設計創意性”價值的品牌。
而這種變化的感知不單單只發生與員工與工作的環節中,更發生在經由員工而傳遞出去的每一個品牌觸點。以D&B HOME為一個新的起點,我們期待看到未來不久,帝標更多色彩價值、美學靈感與品牌視覺的暢想煥變

If you regard people and space as an important carrier of brand value, different brands and contacts will stage different space and people stories all the time...
Starting from the 2019 Di Biao [Red] Store and Di Biao Home Experience Museum, the colors and inspirations of Di Biao are imaginative and continue in different spaces and characters. This time, we will continue to tell new stories in the home of D&B HOME employees.
The process of D&B HOME from scratch seems to be the birth of a space, but it is actually a change in the perception of the Emperor standard brand-an office space has transformed a brand from the "manufacturability" attribute to have more "design creativity" Value brand.
The perception of this change not only occurs in the links between employees and work, but also occurs in every brand contact that is transmitted through employees. Taking D&B HOME as a new starting point, we look forward to seeing more color value, aesthetic inspiration and brand vision imagination change in the future.