在新近落成亮相的太子家居1600平米總部展廳中,通過設計、質控、嚴選與家居風格的整體,太子向我們深度詮釋了一個從風格定制到整體解決方案的大家居全新“整裝”體驗模式。太子整裝美居的展廳空間中,我們為其布局了一個比例1:2的功能+場景的整合空間:35%綜合功能展示體驗 + 65%風格場景體驗,太子品控、設計區、整裝理念劇場及接待廣場構建起展廳功能豐富的公區,作為商業空間的“核心區”,似串聯起各板塊之間的粘合劑。



With the future of the market, the increasingly mature home industry, what is the essential commitment
to consumers? It is still the core thinking of the industry at present.For TAIZI, this answer is a sensible promise of "What you love, that is, you are about to have it"; behind it is the budget and style and preferences, the overall spatial layout of the interior, the perfect harmony of style as the standard, constructed A complete set of service systems.

In the newly completed TAIZI Home 1600 square meter headquarters showroom, through the design, quality control, strict selection and home style, TAIZI explained to us a new “package” experience from the style customization to the overall solution. mode. TAIZI In the beautiful exhibition space, we have a 1:2 function + scene integration space: 35% integrated function display experience + 65% style scene experience, TAIZI quality control, design area, decoration The concept theater and the reception plaza construct a public area with rich functions in the exhibition hall. As the “core area” of the commercial space, it seems to connect the adhesives between the plates.

The functional area is centered, and the overall layout of the styles around the layout makes the in-
store initiative clear, ensuring smooth in-store experience; visually moving lines are transparent, and
the visual layering is appropriately increased. The four styles of attributes extend out of the 10
styles of the model around the exhibition hall, creating a smooth experience loop for the exhibition
hall, complete the real scene of the TAIZI product style. Each style area is equipped with an exclusive
style material alternative area. In addition to the distinctive style, the concept of personalized
demand for “full house customization” is deepened for consumers.