The debut of the D&B Home Experience Center in Chengdu, North Fusenmei, is a new attitude after the Emperor's standard red store, the Emperor's standard once again to the consumer market and the industry - a fusion of aesthetic space, design soft and set sale The new store style - leading the young home aesthetic trend and one-stop home consumption concept.

Breaking the barriers of the style of furniture, with a variety of soft clothing in the atmosphere of saturated atmosphere, creating a scene with the style of the emperor as the wind direction. Each scene tells the different stories, and it has different styles of extension: changing the set of sofas, changing the set of soft clothes, changing the color combination, can bring different emotions to consumers. In the interlaced scenes, interspersed with the self-contained scene soft-pack design, all kinds of soft-packed collection centers, and the ergonomics area that tells every good sofa story, enhance the consumer experience in the store, increase the length of stay, and promote more Willingness to buy.