Der1863 —— 一款為探尋木地板的自然之美而生的地板,德爾集團旗下高端實木地板品牌,致力于打造富有遠見和人生體驗的高端生活方式;以格局感、卓越感、人文感為核心價值,精選全球范圍內至臻品質的實木原材,用經典、精湛演繹木的煥變,還原生活的真實觸動。


整個空間以“藝術館”為設計原點和視覺表達。充滿建筑感的設計形式從外立面便開始營造視覺氛圍?。內部空間更將當代藝術的“內建筑”形體理念貫穿是始終—— 干凈的材質線條、空間感及藝術性,互相交錯融合,創造出簡潔流暢的建筑美學。


There is no "rule" for the expression in spatial form, only "fit".

Der1863-a floor born for exploring the natural beauty of wood flooring, a high-end solid wood flooring brand under the Del Group, dedicated to creating a high-end lifestyle with a vision and life experience; with a sense of pattern, excellence and humanism as the core value , Select the solid wood raw materials of the highest quality in the world, use classic and superb interpretation of the wood to restore the true touch of life.

Der1863 in the newly completed terminal store of Red Star Macalline in Zhengzhou, we broke the traditional rules of the floor retail terminal and the inherent product system of the floor industry, and completed a space design attempt of the floor retail terminal with design characteristics as the core appeal and expression. .

The whole space uses "Art Gallery" as the design origin and visual expression. Architectural design forms create a visual atmosphere from the facade. The internal space even runs through the concept of “internal architecture” of contemporary art—clean material lines, a sense of space and artistry, intertwined with each other to create a simple and smooth architectural aesthetic.

The Der1863 products displayed in the entire store space are planned as art exploration ingenuity area, art origin precious area, art innovation fashion area, art inheritance classic area, and floor design custom area according to different floor art characteristics and craftsmanship.