New Kitchen with Better Chinese Cuisine


Kitchen, the most important space in the family, carries the soul of a family, but this place of water and fire blending is also full of contradictions. We need a new kitchen more suitable for Chinese cooking, including all frying and frying, to meet all the colors, fragrances and flavors.
Focusing on the field of kitchen and electricity for 40 years, Boss Electrical Appliances uses high-end kitchen and electric appliances to solve the pain points in Chinese cooking, to inherit and innovate the essence of Chinese culinary culture, and to transform Chinese kitchen with modern technology.
Within the 210 square meters new terminal we built for our boss, there are three core functional modules: Central Cooking Comprehensive Experience Zone, Large and Small Kitchen Situational Experience Zone and Single Category Display Experience Zone, which present a point-by-point layout and construct the "China New Kitchen" Experience Hall.
At the same time, in order to strengthen the visual atmosphere of Chinese kitchen, we developed a set of Chinese character symbols around the use attributes of kitchen products, which appeared from the outside facade to the inside of the shop, and became a visual symbol representing the space of "Chinese kitchen" of the owner's electrical appliances.
In the store, the category and product innovation of "Chinese Kitchen" are deeply explained through the product technology display module. Mild multimedia implantation and visual processing of the main push system make the product display more diversified and easy to highlight the core selling points of the product. The double entrance moving line is set to form a complete loop moving line in the store, while the visual moving line focuses on the core technology interpretation area when the store is permeable.
Chinese cooking utensils and props implantation of Chinese dishes create a more multi-sensory "Chinese kitchen" experience environment.