給每一個家庭創造更為舒適、健康和多元化的高品質生活,是好萊客始終如一的產品創新力——讓每一件出品都更貼合人性。 在新近落成的好萊客全屋定制館成都北富森美店中,我們為好萊客還原一個可以“自在呼吸”的現代人居空間,好萊客產品的“原態環保理念”被延續到其終端設計理念中,深度詮釋著品牌對高品質生活方式的態度和承諾。 整個空間以無醛實驗室櫥窗為第一吸引關注模塊,強化原態環保概念,定調品牌優勢特點。櫥窗的動態效果,更可展現日常設計師專業工作,拉近與消費者的距離。無醛實驗室與客廳、臥室、廚房等居室場景及空間裝置模塊相結合,倡導“全民深呼吸”,讓家人更靠近。理性的健康環保訴求之外,14套風格套系產品樣板間則以現代簡約及簡歐風格定義符合現代人居需求的審美,主入口將明星產品樣板間作為焦點,同時為品牌鋪墊調性。 中心設計服務區及VIP洽談區等輔助功能模塊的加入,讓整個終端完整地詮釋了好萊客“大師級”設計、品質、服務的內核。

To create a more comfortable, healthy and diversified high quality life for every family is the consistent product innovation of Hollywood -- to make every product more human.
In the newly completed Hollywood whole house customization store in chengdu beifu semei store, we restore a modern living space that can "breathe freely" for Hollywood. The "original environmental protection concept" of Hollywood products has been extended into its terminal design concept, which deeply interprets the brand's attitude and commitment to high-quality lifestyle.
The whole space takes the aldehyde-free laboratory window as the first module to attract attention, strengthen the original concept of environmental protection, and set the brand advantages. The dynamic effect of the shop window can show the professional work of daily designers and shorten the distance with consumers. Aldehyde-free laboratory combines with living room, bedroom, kitchen and other bedroom scenes and space installation modules, advocating "deep breathing by the whole people" to bring families closer. In addition to the rational demand for health and environmental protection, 14 sets of style sets are designed to meet the aesthetic needs of modern living with the definition of modern simplicity and simple European style. The main entrance will focus on the model room of star products, while laying the tone for the brand.
With the addition of auxiliary function modules such as the center design service area and VIP negotiation area, the whole terminal fully interprets the core of Hollywood's "master level" design, quality and service