In the use of space, the space is divided by steps to form a split layer. The division of each design office area and negotiation area is not based on the common wall, but the height difference of the three-dimensional space is used to automatically form two independent and common Translucent area.

The use of elements, we hope that it is a high-level space with culture and design knowledge, blurring the concept of the office and exhibition hall, forming a library-like place. 1W books are placed in the scene, they are not just the decoration of the field, they provide inspiration for the designers, guide the customers, and make every work area have dry goods.

Visually, it is difficult to define this large space with a certain style. The five regions are different, the styles are different, and the differences are great. This is not a big unified design, but it is very harmonious in one space. . Here, every customer can find a place to touch their hearts. There are two types of design, one is highly unified, and the other is a concept that creates a powerful sense of shock. The other is the high-density information output, so that you can see the surprise everywhere, Longfa is just like this.

Because Longfa's customers are not designers to show off their skills, it is the designer's rich professional knowledge and experience.