“懂生活所需 知未來所想”是百V對定制理想生活核心而強大的解讀。在新近揭幕的BIVEE|百V拎包入住生活館中,這個25年定制行家以更加具象而靈感獨具的全屋定制體驗終端,為業界及消費者深度詮釋著百V“懂生活 知未來”的定制理念。



定制,在于外觀、在于個性化、在于需求的優化,也在于消費者的“參與”過程體驗。在所見的輕奢與科技化視覺外表之下,我們為百V拎包入住生活館實現的差異化變化更在于 —— 為消費者創造一個具有“空間自在感”的可真正互動體驗的終端;無論是更大的公共空間,還是“類超市”終端的板材圖書館,無不在常規家居賣場之上,實現著消費者參與家居定制的“自造”樂趣。

“Understanding the needs of life, knowing what the future wants” is a powerful interpretation of the ideal life core. In the newly unveiled BIVEE|100V bag living in the living hall, this 25-year-old custom-made expert has a more concrete and inspirational whole-house customized experience terminal, which deeply interprets the 100-V “Understanding the Future of Life” for the industry and consumers. Custom concept.

Lightweight style custom home and original custom black technology "dual-core drive", unlocking the balance of space aesthetics and functional utility in the terminal, consumers realize the one-stop bag to buy, interact and participate in the whole house customization experience. In the overall spatial layout relationship, we have designed a larger and open public space than the traditional home store, and implanted the “plate library”. The plate color block acts as a terminal visual element from the fa?ade into the interior of the plate library. It not only forms a unique ICON symbol of a hundred V terminal, but also further enhances the trust perception of the quality of the hundred V material.

In addition to the rational function and digitalization of technology, the two styles are the theme of the style model room, the extremely aesthetic series: the use of 100 V light luxury color, with geometric aesthetics of linear shape and exquisite light and shadow segmentation, will be extremely aesthetic The fine craftsmanship is perfect. Yearning for life series: Focus on the demand of small flats in 35 square meters, presenting the optimization and improvement of home experience for small and medium-sized homes.